Participation in the concert “Victories music of the spring”

The Victories Music of The SpringOn May 5, 2017, a concert titled “The Victories Music of The Spring”, dedicated to the Victory Day, took place in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Victories MusicLyalya Rubleva and Boris Lyudkovsky, together with other artists of the Russian emigration, took a part in this concert. The event was organized by the Foundation “Talents of the World”, created by David Gvinianidze. The program of the concert included some of the most popular and unforgettable songs of the war and the post war years as well. Lyalya Rubleva, took the stage with the songs “Comrades” (“with a song, like a wind I will fill this country with…) by the composer O. Ivanov, poet A. Prokofiev, “And the music is playing”, composed by A. Mazhukov, lyrics A. Zinoviev,”Waltz of May” by the composer Igor Luchenok, Author of the text of Mikhail Lasen, “Unsuccessful Affair” by A. Tsfasman and B. Timofeev (saxophone -Boris lyudkovsky), “Officers wives” by the authors S. Osiashvili S. and V. Lotkin.

If there was no limit of time, the repertoire of the artists would have been wider. The audience warmly applauded and welcomed the performers. Those gatherings, filled with sincerity and love, are important both for the audience, and for those who live their lives on the stage.

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