Lyalya Rubleva Homeland

Lyalya Rubleva Homeland



Released: 2012
Format: CD
Country: Россия
Label: Ночное такси

“We started recording the album Rodina in the frosty February 2012. I was very glad that Lyalya and Boris agreed with my concept, conventionally called “The Bridge of Time”. I really wanted that the past time was available for listening. Half of the album’s songs Rodina is rightly considered a classic chanson in Russian and famous with the melody of Alla Bayanova, Arkady Severny, Mikhail Gulko, Vitaly Krestovsky.

The song is alive while it is played. It was very difficult to find the line between retro and today’s perception of music. The singer herself seriously worked on editing the lyrics of many compositions (“Autumn”, “Chaim”). I consider the composition work of Boris Ludkovsky more than interesting. “Quite unusual in its processing was the title track of the album -” Motherland “. I gave Boris the original with the execution of Arkady Severny. This song was arranged in the amount of tango. Imagine my surprise when I heard the incredible rhythmic and modern version that Boris did! He went into the arrangement of classical tango and offered a new sound, from this this piercing composition became even more interesting, and all the other doubts, this song will have new listeners.

This album has a completely new Lyalya Rublyova repertoire. All songs are a conceptual concert program, created specifically for stage performance. I am sure that after the release of this album, Lyalya Rubleva will have new listeners in Russia and abroad. In this album, songs that have passed the time are combined with the original compositions of 2012 in the new processing. The whole program is permeated with Lyalya Rubleva’s sincere attitude to her public and Motherland, which she, having spent over 20 years abroad, never forgot. ”

Alexander Frumin, producer

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