Duo Souvenir
Souvenir USA – Russian American vocal instrumental duo from New York

Hi tech duo «SouvenirUSA», suitable for a variety of occasions from lounge sets to theme parties have worked together on many contracts in the past in party bands.

The duo combines a powerful and experienced singer and a versatile sax player (+ vocal ) having graduated as a jazz performer from Moscow music academy, massive repertoire, over 350 songs covering all genres and eras such as pop, rock, jazz, swing, funk, soul, country, disco, island, Motown, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, songs from all around the world, including Russian and Jewish music, Latino hot lambadas and breathless French and Italian melodies.

Concerts, Weddings, Birthdays and Barmitsva all over the country!

Lyalya Rubleva (vocal) Boris Lyudkovsky(sax+vocal) & DJ Stas!

Professional script for your event!

Professional light and sound equipment!

+1 (718) 490-9395 Duo Souvenir (Boris and Lyalya)

Boris Lyudkovsky – “Best Songs”

bl-frontDear Friends! We would like to present our new CD Album, from Boris Lyudkovskiy called “Best Songs”.

New album – is a compilation of all the loved and famous songs among our listeners. All the songs are written by Boris Lyudkovskiy and co-written along with other poets. All the songs are performed by none other but Lyalya Rubleva.
We hope you like this compilation, and those songs will forever touch your hears.

We wish you to have a good mood, and Thank you.

Boris Lyalya

Lyalya Rubleva – “Rodina” (Homeland)

rodinaDear Friends! Last album is still doing great and is in the rotation of the radio stations. Read below to see what the producer of the record Alexander Frumin had to say:

“In this album Lyalya Rubleva presents the songs in absolutley new manner. All songs are conceptual concert program created specifically for the stage performance. I am sure that after the release of this album, Lyalya Rubleva will acquire new listeners in Russia and abroad. In this album we collected songs from her previous albums, songs that stood the time, treated with new touch and combined with original compositions from 2012. The entire program is riddled with sincere attitude of Lyalya Rubleva to her homeland, as well as her listeners – an emigrants,  who had spent their last 20 years abroad, but never forgetting their homeland.”

Lyalya Rubleva “Among roads, among friends”, DVD 2010

This is the first professional film-concert by Lyalya Rubleva, the singer returns to Russia and starts her tour activity, previously she was known only on solo discs. The concert is filmed, as a full-fledged and dynamic show – with live musicians, a corps de ballet and live sound, competently picked up light. A very diverse program that shows the entire creative baggage of the singer. The program included, as absolutely new songs from the same name plate, and several old ones, with which Lyalya Rubleva and is known to the Russian listener.

Vocal and professionalism of the singer allows without any effort to sing and variety, and chanson, which allows you to work in the most diverse halls and on various venues, everywhere you find your audience and listener. It seems to me that the film-concert “Among the roads, among friends” is Lyalya Rubleva’s sumptuous visiting card, bright work, despite the fact that it was filmed on a relatively small area of ​​the show-hall “Atmosphere”, the feeling of a large full-scale hall. Purchase DVD over at ozon.ru online store.

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