Chok, Chok, Chok Glasses

Remember, there was a program on TV “The White Parrot”? Led by the legendary Yuri Nikulin, who left a bright trace in the hearts of millions of fans? I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with Yuri Vladimirovich personally in my early childhood, and later in life I had the the pleasure to talk to him again, under unbelievable circumstances!

Poet Yan Galperin and I, were strolling along the Tel Aviv boardwalk, wondering what kind of a song we’re going to come up with for our Lyalya. We wanted the song to be fun so that even if you’re in the middle of your dinner, you would want to get up and dance! Suddenly my co-author conspiratorially whispered: “Borya, I have a brilliant idea! “Chok, chok, glasses are clinking! – it’s a hit!”

I immediately picked it up where he left and continued: “And we’re not little boys and girls, so we’re drinking”. The rest is technicality. The song was ready!

The next day, the three of us went to the recording studio, and Lyalya recorded a new track, which later went into the album “Blue Dress”.

This “Chok, Chok, Chok Glasses” filled my soul, and I began to think how to bring to the listener our new hit, how to make it a hit that is. And a crazy idea hit me! What if I offered “Chok, Chok” to Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin for his TV program “The White Parrot”?

So I did! Once again upon our arrival to Moscow, where Lyalya and I were invited to participate in the TV program on the “Russia-1” TV channel.

Having dialed the circus number on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, I asked for Nikulin to come to the phone, and fortunately, we were transferred to him. I introduced myself, and is if we were old friends I said: “Yuri Vladimirovich, do you remember me? I’m Borya Lyudkovsky, you were friends with my dad, he worked as a drummer in the circus orchestra, and I came to the performances, and I could not be pulled out from behind the scenes with any force. And you always joked, telling my dad: “Borka is our circus boy!”

“Well, how could I forget you?” Of course I remember! “- He said. I told Yuri Vladimirovich that now I’m writing songs and that I want to show one of my songs to him for the “White Parrot”. He immediately answered: “Bring your song to the circus, leave it with the front desk and I’ll listen to it and call you back.”

A few days later Lyalya and I left for a meeting in Ostankino TV. We always stayed in Moscow with Lyalya’s mom. This time we also had our daughter Alsika with us, who wanted to visit her grandmother. So suddenly the phone rings in the apartment, Aliska picks up the phone and hears: “Hello, please call your mom and dad to the phone.”

Aliska: They’re not at home, I’m with my grandmother.

Nikulin: I hear you have someone singing next to you. Do you want me to guess who it is?

-Aliska: Guess!

Nikulin: “It’s a white parrot!”

Aliska: Yes, it is. How did you know? Did you see him through the phone?

Nikulin: Yes i did. Well, did I guess right?

Our child was delighted, as indeed the grandmother had a white parrot in the cage name Gesha.

The next day I called Yuri Vladimirovich and he said: “The song is great!”. But he added that he’s going on vacation and that he will put our “Glasses” in his program when he returns.

Unfortunately, Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin didn’t go on vacation, he went for an operation that he never recovered from! With his enthusiasm for our song, our song was played on all Russian chanson radio stations.

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